Lotus Leaf Yoga
Lotus Leaf Yoga has closed its doors. We extend our gratitude to all those who loved this studio and supported it for these past few years. 

If you have been billed for a monthly membership, you will be able to attend all yoga, pilates, aerobics and fitness classes at The Fit Stop through the date of your next normally scheduled auto pay.  You will no longer be charged monthly by auto pay. 

Those who have punch passes remaining may also participate at no cost in yoga, pilates, aerobics or power classes offered at The Fit Stop in Heber.  Many of the Lotus Leaf Yoga instructors also teach at The Fit Stop.  A list of members with outstanding, unexpired punch passes will be on file at The Fit Stop on Monday.  A schedule of classes will be posted here by Tuesday evening.  During the summer months, just like Lotus Leaf, The Fit Stop does not offer as many classes on its schedule until school season begins.  You can also pick up their schedule at the front desk. 

We are grateful to and appreciative of The Fit Stop in Heber for honoring Lotus Leaf Yoga members unexpired passes for all of their classes. 

Dana Tew